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Reasons to vote for the Green Party in the Local Elections in May

The Green Party is dedicated to delivering environmental and social justice while ensuring we live in a prosperous society that puts the wellbeing of all its members at the heart of the economy.

All the other parties just promise more of the same and they all support the neoliberal economic ideology that insists the majority of people have to make sacrifices to pay for the greed of the few.

As the only UK party that has a fully worked out anti-austerity strategy, we won't trash the countryside in the name of "growth" that only benefits a few, but we will build affordable housing and provide better and cheaper transport, worthwhile jobs that pay a living wage and sustainable industry that doesn't pollute and waste resources. 

In West Kent, and throughout the county, we have a range of practical policies that are designed to address the very real problems we face.

We want to build resilient and self-reliant communities that support all their members and invest in the future to ensure that our children inherit a world worth living in. We don't promise quick fixes, we don't blame scapegoats and we don't attempt to divide and rule by stigmatising the most vulnerable in society. Neither do we look back to a golden age or seek to turn the clock back. Instead, we have a vision of an inclusive and caring society that works within the limitations and possibilities of the natural world to help every individual to become the best they can be. 




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