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1 OCTOBER 2015: TTIP – Action Required

The deadline for signing the European Citizens' Initiative to stop TTIP negotiations is October 6th. 3 million signatures are needed and they're nearly there.

So far over 2.8 million European citizens answered this call for mobilisation against the EU-US free trade agreement TTIP and the EU-Canada agreement CETA, which on both sides of the Atlantic put commercial interests of large corporations above the rights of citizens.  

Can you do three things today: - 

1) Please sign the ECI now: - https://stop-ttip.org

2) Forward this email to people you know and add a personal message asking them to sign the ECI

3) If you are on Facebook and Twitter, ask your friends to sign the ECI! Simply add share buttons or hyperlink via the petition to your Facebook and Twitter account

Since its inception only eleven months ago, Society and Grassroots movements have acheived important milestones and both public and political perception on TTIP and CETA changed. Decision-makers are on the 'defensive' as polls show that public opposition steadily increasing. This is also reflected by the ECI which reached the minimum amount of signatures (called "country quorum") required for a successful European Citizens' Initiative in a total of 19 Member States.

Stop TTIP's list of supporters has grown into over 500 groups ranging from NGOs, political parties, unions and initiatives from literally all around Europe. Public pressure works, so let's keep it on!


17 SEPTEMBER 2015: No New Runways

Thanks to all those who helped promote last's Saturday's No New Runways event. The next event in this campaign is the Zac Goldsmith rally in Trafalgar Square on October 10th, where a Green Bloc will be attending. We're hoping there'll be a good turnout of South East Greens to put across our No New Runways message (in contrast to Zac Goldsmith's narrow anti-Heathrow  position). Sian Berry, the Greens' London Mayoral candidate is speaking at the event. So please do all you can to help mobilise people to come along and help hold up our giant banner. Attendees can RSVP here.


16 SEPTEMBER 2015: Fracking in Kent

KCC’s 'Proposed modifications to the Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) 2013-30'. state that subject to certain conditions, planning permission will be granted for proposals associated with the exploration, appraisal and development of oil, gas and unconventional hydrocarbons. 

Burying in such an obscurely-worded document a proposal which effectively means the default position for Kent is to permit controversial activities such as fracking is not consultation in any meaningful sense of the word. 

Please sign the 38 degrees petition "Fracking: KCC must consult the people of Kent" to raise awareness locally of what is being done in our name.


15 MAY 2015: Landslide victory for Defence Secretary - Kent Messenger

The Conservatives' Michael Fallon won a landslide victory in Sevenoaks, trouncing all opposition.

With a turnout of 69.99%, equating to 50,362 ballots, Mr Fallon won 28,531 votes, resulting in a majority of 19,561.

He also returns to his position as Defence Secretary.

...Ukip's Steve Lindsey was runner-up with 8,970 votes, closely followed by Chris Clarke for Labour with 6,448 votes.

Alan Bullion, for the Liberal Democrats, polled 3,937, while Amelie Boleyn for the Green Party was on 2,238.

Mr Fallon has held the seat since 1999 and betrayed no sign of tension while the ballots were being counted.


14 MAY 2015: Victorious Johnson 'honoured' to carry on serving his town - Kent Messenger

...In Sevenoaks, the Tories also held the seat after Michael Fallon was re-elected with 28,531 votes.

Ukip's Steve Lindsay was second with 8,970 votes followed by Labour's Christopher Clark (6,448), Lib Dem's Alan Bullion (3,937) and the Green's Amelie Boleyn (2,238).

The turnout was 71%.


7 MAY 2015:  Election results by ward


6 MAY 2015: Amélie Boleyn says "All children should have access to equal ability schools"


27 APRIL 2015: An election question time debate was held at Sevenoaks school with debates about education, the NHS, Trident and the deficit.


16 APRIL 2015: Which one of these would gain your vote to be MP..? - Sevenoaks Chronicle

Amelie Boleyn - GREEN

What is your family situation? Do you have children?

As a non-conformist, I live alone with my young son, outside of any nuclear family stereotype.

Where did you go to school? And if you have children, did you send them to state or private schools?

I went to a state-funded secondary school in Surrey, progressing to my BA as a mature student at the University of Westminster and University of Provence. My son has recently started secondary school at our nearest state-funded comprehensive, across the border in Surrey, after attending local primary schools in Kent and in Aix-en-Provence.

Who is your hero?

My heroine is Queen Boudica, the warrior queen - A true example of female fortitude and leadership who lost her life fighting for the good of her people.

What would your "death row" final meal be from Sevenoaks?

Aptly-coined "Amelie's Fire", I make garlic and ginger to die for.....

And what's one thing people don't know about you? Same as above.


15 APRIL 2015: A Statement of Clarification regarding Sevenoaks Grammer School Annex.

Recently, there has been some discussion as to a proposed grammar school to be built in Sevenoaks. The parliamentary candidates for all parties have given their opinion on this matter, and Amelie Boleyn was no exception.

There has been some question regarding Amelie's response to the proposal, in particular her letter to the Sevenoaks Chronicle of 9th April, which many have seen as her backing the proposed grammar school annex in Sevenoaks. However, in keeping with the Green party policies on the matter, Amelie is not in favour.  Previously Amelie had considered that the annex proposals would be adjoined to the existing Trinity School which, she felt, given the overall lack of state school provision in the district, would be better than none at all.

However, to clarify, Amelie believes that the proposed grammar school annex could increase class inequality with regard to education in the district. She is also aware of the lack of quality state funded schooling in Sevenoaks, under local authority control, which means many pupils are travelling outside of the area in search of school places.  Therefore, Amelie is in favour of more state funded school provision where students of all abilities are taught in a more socially comprehensive setting.

In a quote shown in the Sevenoaks Chronicle in February, Amelie said that she welcomes proposals to increase secondary school capacity but does not want to focus on options that lead to social exclusion.  Amelie is a strong believer in equal access to schooling, regardless of background or wealth, in a socially comprehensive and inclusive setting, so of course would be opposed to a grammar school annex in Sevenoaks.  Further, Amelie feels strongly that the grammar school selection system discriminates against children from lower income backgrounds many of whom do not have access to books and private tuition - especially in an accelerating climate of the Coalition's policies towards austerity hitting the poorest in society; thus whilst the concept of state funded grammar schooling appears to increase social mobility, in reality it is socially divisive. We would also add that children should not have their entire future determined by a single exam at the age of 11.

Amelie thanks the Green supporters who have reached out to discuss this matter with her in recent days and hopes to continue working with everyone to improve the state of schooling in Sevenoaks.

13 APRIL 2015: Privatisation of the NHS

10 APRIL 2015: Sevenoaks Greens offer Landmark  Slate for May 7th. The Sevenoaks branch of the Green Party are proud to announce a landmark slate of 26 District Council candidates ready for the election on May 7th. This is a first for Sevenoaks  Green Party which was previously a much smaller faction of West Kent Greens. Being represented in all wards will mean that voters now have a real alternative to UKIP and the Conservatives, who have previously dominated the area. This mirrors the rapidly growing support for the Green Party and 'Green surge' across the UK and shows the party as a progressive force. 

More than ever, this election  offers a real opportunity for change for the people of Sevenoaks. The candidates will be appearing throughout their wards in the lead up to the election, hoping to work with the people of their respective areas and allowing the voters' voices to be heard. 

A quote from Amélie Boleyn, the Greens parliamentary candidate for Sevenoaks, on the matter:

“We are so proud, that down to sheer determination, we have grown from a fledgling extension of the wider West Kent Green Party over a year ago, to a  place where we are now considered seen as a genuine alternative to business as usual politics here in Sevenoaks, and people are seeking an alternative to the perennial land lock of Conservative rule.  We are now seen as a representation of progressive, more democratic politics and, for the first time, the people of Sevenoaks will be able to vote Green in every ward, rather than abstaining or just voting for ‘the next best thing”


25 FEBRUARY 2015: I'll vote Green if you do. If people vote for the policies they believe in, The Green Party will win big at the 2015 General Election.


24 FEBRUARY 2015: Our parliamentary candidate Amélie Boleyn comes out in support of Natalie Bennet on LBC - a must listen.


5 FEBRUARY 2015: Sevenoaks grammar proves divisive issue for town's General Election candidates: Amélie Boleyn says Sevenoaks is able to boast a selection of independent schools, but feels the children of lower income families are sometimes being excluded from the educational opportunities afforded to their wealthier counterparts.


16 NOVEMBER 2014: General Election 2015 - Meet the candidates vying for your votes in Sevenoaks: Includes an interview with Amélie Boleyn.


16 SEPTEMBER 2013: Green Party conference debate regards green policy to bring the railways back into public ownership. Caroline Lucas introduces the debate and we also hear from Ellie Harrison from the Bring Back British Rail campaigning organisation.





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