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Sevenoaks Greens recognise that we face difficult times over the coming months and years but believe that, even in challenging economic times, we can help to revitalise Sevenoaks as a vibrant and varied retail and cultural centre while developing greater social, economic and environmental sustainability for the area as a whole.
We would like to see:

  • The pedestrianisation of the main section of the high street (from junction with London Road by HSBC, to junction with Pembroke Road) initially for a trial period on alternate Saturdays or midweek with a farmers' market, and encourage pavement cafés, stalls and other street activities.
  • A 20 mph limit on residential roads and provide greater support for cycling;
  • A ban on HGVs over 7.5 tonnes in the centre of town.

Sevenoaks is too car dependent so we support the development of better bus services and car sharing schemes.
We recognise that parking charges are a major source of income for the District Council but support initiatives like free or reduced rate parking on a farmers' market day and removal of the evening charges in the car park by the Stag theatre. To make up any shortfall in income, we would explore variable charges so that large, gas-guzzling cars pay more for parking.

We don't pretend that there are any easy solutions but we think it is vital that we revitalising the town centre in a sustainable way that doesn't simply lead to even greater congestion but delivers real variety and choice for people. Therefore, we will provide support for local shops and businesses. We would look at ways to reduce the high business rates that disproportionately affect small, independent businesses. We support a 'loyalty card' scheme for local small retailers and believe there is scope for 'meanwhile leases' – enabling non-profit use of empty premises for short periods to encourage art displays and use by charitable organisations and local craftspeople. Together, these measure will also help to encourage local employment.

The Coalition's draconian cuts agenda is an ideologically inspired attack on the most vulnerable in society. Greens will fight to protect front-line services, particularly social care for the elderly and youth services. Similarly, the housing policies of both Tory and Labour governments have been a disaster with many young people and the low wages permanently excluded from the housing market. We will seek to provide affordable housing for local people and discourage speculative 'executive' developments.

Greens believe that local people should have a greater and more direct say in how their communities are run. We therefore support initiatives such as the Sustainable Communities Act (read more here) which can provide people with a means to take more control over their local areas and fight the imposition of unwanted schemes by outside "developers' who, too often, only pursue their own selfish gain and not the interest of the wider community.

Greens believe in empowering local communities. If there are issues you think we should campaign on, contact us here. Better still, why not get involved? As a Green Party member you could help to shape the policies that that matter to you. Join a growing party

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